Who’s Made A Prince From Their Frog?

Whose ever dated before? (Crowd raises their hands)

It’s an interesting concept for sure and that is why this book on frogs was created!

It’s been called cynical and maybe it is, however it’s a look at the frogs we women get to kiss and make into a prince, our prince.

It’s a book based on what was first watching my daughter start to date, watching the boys find excuses just to visit the house, the endless amount of notes ( I would correct the spelling and grammar and send them back to them), the unimaginable excuses to come over to play with her brothers. Yes, our house contained a magnet and our job was to protect her from the negative forces.

So this book began, out of my frustration and out of my humor for the boys she dated and those that wanted to date her.

This book is for all the Carl’s, Phil’s, George’s, Tom’s, Sean’s and more that graced my house hold in a time long ago.

This is a mothers look at the frogs in your life and mine.

You Kissed A Frog was created as a way to laugh at those that enter our young ladies lives, to share, to laugh and to dream.

So, you kissed a frog…did he become your prince?

I’d love to hear your story. Send your story to: lisa@LisaNikole.com , subject I kissed a Frog.

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