Where’s Your Prince?

When my daughter turned 14 or so an incredible thing started to happen BOYS! Boys started writing letters, driving by our home and even better just dropping by. They had numerous reasons for stopping by, some gained her attention many did not.

This book came out of watching the young men come to my home to date my then young daughter, at times it was comical the difference in suitors or would be suitors. From those she would date to those wishing she would say yes.

The book grew out of ideas sent to me by those that gave suggestions on future frogs. I kept listening and added more and more frogs.

Our dating world is not balanced and out of that comes a satirical look at dating using human frog illustrations taken from the adage of kissing a frog to make him become your prince. If your a man you have about an hour to make a first impression, ladies you’ve got 15 minutes, doesn’t seem very balanced now does it?

There are 86 single men to ever 100 single women in America, it’s time to sit back and laugh at some of the “frogs” we’ve kissed.

I was told once my book was cynical so I challenged the comment maker to create his own book about ladies, so far that book has not been written. I regress..

In an unbalanced world we can only do one thing, try to balance it.   Making a book about dating and using the old fairy tale of the Princess and the Frog as it’s foundation, kissing a frog in hopes he becomes your prince is doing nothing more then balancing the field a bit. In reality, it’s a whimsical book with amazing illustrations to give as a bridal shower gift, a young ladies coming of age party or just a great book to share at your next book reading club.

So, my question to you, did you kiss a frog?  If so, did he become your prince?

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