When Less is More

Less truly is the new more. Less stuff less clutter and more life. There is a freedom that comes with having less and the minimalistic lifestyle is currently the thing to do.


Here are a few facts:

There are more storage units in the United States then McDonalds

65% of the people with storage unites have a garage

There are 300,000 items in the average American home (LA Times)

25% of the people with 2 car garages they don’t have room to park their car inside (U.S. Dept of Energy)

3.1% of the worlds children live in America but they own 40% of the toys (Forbes)

The average American spends 1,700 on clothing annually (HuffPost)

Women will spend 8 years of their lives shopping (The Daily Mail)


And the list continues, we are a bunch of hoarders and it’s time to release ourselves from that bondage.


I have friends that have walked away from million dollar homes with nothing more then a computer and a few small items in a backpack. They are still millionaires but living in small apartments with very little “things” they will tell you how free they feel and less burdened. Mark Zuckerberg along with Steve Jobs wore only a certain style of shirt and pants, they both felt it freed them from taking the time to decide what to wear.


We can purge our bodies and minds but can also purge our lives. The 40 bags in 40 days movement by White House Black Shutters is one such movement teaching us to purge our lives but what happens after the 40 days?


This book on purging teaching you how to purge your life one step at a time. How to purge, what to purge and how to create a peaceful environment after your purging is done. Oh and what to do with all that stuff you are removing from your life! The perfect plan for you life it’s all about creating more space and freedom.


You won’t believe how free you will feel and how much better your life will be once you purge the clutter from it.


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