The Newest Culture in Our World

I started to write this after seeing a very meaningful BOLD PURPLE (I really do not like those colored backgrounds on social media) meme saying, “God wants us to love Muslims”.   Of course this was placed on social media after the 2nd terrorist attack in London.

My response was: G-d wants us to love everyone. But then I thought about it. The closest thing in the bible to a terrorist were tax collectors, they did what they did for political motivations and they were cruel, heartless and violent at times, at least what we know from the bible. Did G-d tell us to love them? I believe he said to render to Caesar what was Caesar’s. I’m just thinking here and I’m sure it will stir a little debate. The bible does say to love they neighbor, to do good and that one day you will be judged for all you do, not just the good stuff, but for ALL you do and doing good sometimes does not neutralize the bad. It just does not work like that, that is our concept.   If you are not a bible believer then life is going to balance you out, for that evil in your heart, those evil motives and intentions, Karma will get you. It’s just a spiritual force in life that we do not control, it just happens.

I digress…

Terrorism is not a Muslim and we need to stop referencing it that way.

Last week I met a professional protester, in case you did not know they existed, they do. He was trying desperately to get back home yet the protestors had moved on, and left him, stranded.   His job for $40 dollars a day was to actively protest against the government, was he a terrorist? He wasn’t a Muslim he was in fact motivated by money his motive was not political but his protesting was.

Let’s just say a certain group of American citizens start to up rise against a political cause (I’m sure you can think of one or two) and start to blow things up, they don’t get attention here so they go to other nations and all of a sudden Americans are terrorist, not just a group of them ALL OF THEM.   Now you and I as an American citizen travel and we are called out everywhere we go as “terrorist”, “suspicious”, “scary”, “motivated” and the list goes on. Do you get the point I am trying to make?


Culture and Diversity are incredible things and when we do not understand a culture we tend to judge it by what we know and trust me if you are not diverse, you are very limited. VERY!

Today I challenge you to find a culture and learn about it; maybe it’s a co-worker or a neighbor and if you are free to do so and not to be offensive ask questions. How are we going to learn and understand other cultures unless we feel free enough to ask those uncomfortable, stupid and sometimes (could be) offensive questions. So, if you are asked something that appears to be offensive, don’t react: respond, educate, teach and love. Oh and be prepared to answer questions yourself.

Recently a co –worker told me she wanted to tell me how good I looked (I’ve dropped over 35 pounds but knew I liked my privacy), that threw me because honestly I probably talk too much about my life and ask me, I’m an open book. Problem is we’ve all become so easy to offend and instead of educating we run from it, sometimes causing more offenses.

When did we become so easily offended, Judgmental and finger pointing folks?

One more final note on Terrorist, they are indeed their own culture; they are not identifiable by the clothes they wear or the color of their skin. They are Terrorist they are of the terrorist culture and indeed they have political agendas, their own the terrorist agenda and motive. So while we can label them from Pakistan, Iran, or even America what they ultimately are is of the nation of Terrorist a new culture we have to become aware of and must educate ourselves on.

Welcome to a new era in our lives, time to change those History books once again.

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