Stop Being A Victim

This book is near and dear to me.  I walk around shopping and see so many of you leave your purse behind as you step away to look for an item.  I’ve wanted to take your purse but instead I leave you a card, telling you I could have and direct you to this book.  We have to stop being victims and begin to be wise in our surroundings and not give a thief a chance.

Where we go, how we get there and not being afraid to ask for help.  What to do if you happen to get caught in a situation you can’t control and how to get out of it.  So many tips and advice and yes, some awaking conversations on what you are doing wrong and what to do now.

Thieves will always be there we need to stop making it so easy for them.

I work in the law enforcement industry so maybe I notice things a bit more however I cannot tell you the times I have seen women leave their purse while shopping. They will walk away; turn their back to pick up an item. Countless times I’ve wanted to grab their purse and take it to the front counter. WHAT are they thinking? Problem is they are not.


We have to become better at protecting ourselves. The thieves will always be out there we just can’t make it so easy for them and then call the police when our items are missing.


Not only our property but also we have to care for ourselves.

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