Seven Things You Can Learn From Controlling your Words

Seven things you can learn from Controlling your Words to Controlling your World

Words are used everyday but what if the words you use could make all the difference in the course of our life.

We all use words, some of us use words we don’t even realize their meaning

Strange right? But true.

No one really thinks about the words they use and the power they hold just by speaking the right words.

But what are the “RIGHT WORDS” and how do you know how to use them.

It’s a simple process to remove the negative words from our minds and begin a much better lifestyle.

It’s simple right? Just speak nice words and Karma will smile on you and your life will be a peaceful journey. That’s what your parents told you, and their parents told them.

The scientific study I want to share with you will prove the absolute power of the words you speak AND there is a study you can do right inside your home to prove the method works.

There’s great news though.

YOU can easily change that mood, thought pattern, low self-confidence issue and more.

Those negative thoughts that just run through your head can DISSOLVE away.

AND when you follow the easy steps you’ll feel a release and a peace you’ve not felt in a long time.

It’s like you will feel a weight lifted off your mind and a lot of excess bad thoughts will be gone. Your mind will be free(er).

Imagine no more negative conversations going on in your head.

No more negative comments made by family, friends and co-workers will linger in your mind for days.

You’ll feel free and the weight lifted will give your soul a peace it’s not felt in a long time.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

No more mental stress over things negative directed at you.

You can’t stop the words but you sure have the power to deflect them.

Teach your children how to overcome negative words.

Have a bully problem? Adults can have a bully problem also; learn how to combat the bully.

The world has been battling bullies forever but you don’t have to.

Listen, if you’re like most folks you’ve got some negative words or thoughts going through your head, probably a few right now.

Even things planted in us as a child linger across our minds as adults.

Things that happen to us as a child seem so big.

We’ll revisit a lot of places and see how vulnerable you were and how strong you are now.


You can get rid of those passing negative thoughts?

Absolutely in SIX easy steps

Peace of mind, Peace of Soul and less brain fog.

Scientific proof that our words matter and make a difference.

Now, the author Lisa Taylor Beachler has studied and experimented herself to prove these tactics do work.

Even in her own life from a verbally abusive father she’s become victorious over the damage from those words and lives a fuller, freer and better life.

In the pages of Control Your Wor(l)ds the author explains the research* behind the power of your words both negative and positive when you use this amazing and simple strategy you’ll learn:

How negative words creep into your life

The power of negative words

The equal power of positive words

Where to begin in the journey of freedom for negativity

How to begin to speak positively

The SIX  steps to conquer fear

Why people cast negative words


Can words curse?

How to deal with the mental torture of negative words

How to stop being negative by using this proven SIX step program

Lawyers use their words to influence the people they are before, they will spout out a question or say something they know is wrong for one reason only, those words even though the judge required the jury to disregard those words the damage has been done.

Those words spoken out have settled in the back of the minds of all who heard them and they won’t be removed especially with the same topic coming back up and we all know that topic will be a conversation when they go to decide a person’s involvement in a crime.

Words have power

Words have influence

Words carry a 1,2,3 punch

Listen, you will either control how words affect you or the words will control you.

The science example in the book shows you the tremendous power of words.

You will never be the same once you read this book and you will learn to control your words and your thoughts and either way, if you don’t control the words directed at you, you will definitely see what is going on.

It’s like a light bulb will go off in your head and change will happen.

Plus you do not have to take my word for it, follow through my book and learn the different case studies and scientific studies that validate the power of the words.


**Shhh don’t tell anyone but there is a scientific study you can do at home that will show    you the power of words. ***


Lisa’s Control Your Wor(l)ds uses easy to understand language and guides you through life experiences to show you how to deliver a one, two punch to a negative attack.

* Frozen words study is by far the most visual and realistic research down with the power of words.

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