Photographers: Created a better workflow!

When I started my business I was surrounded by veteran photographers that had their workflow down, they would shoot and do their thing and show us the glittering amazing top notch work at the end.

I was jealous

After serving in the industry for 15 years I though back to those days and how much our industry has changed, in fact it’s on of the reasons I no longer shoot professionally, that however is another story.

When the bubble burst in the 90’s some very well meaning mom’s ran to Best Buy, purchased a $500 camera with a plastic lens and started taking pictures of their dogs, children and the flowers in the back yard. They shared these images on social media and the crowd went wild (insert wild cheering). The next thing we knew is we had uneducated, uninsured mom’s shooting weddings for $500. It destroyed our industry, literally pulled the rug out. The one amazing thing is the only ones that noticed were the professional photographers. It seems those brides and their families did not mind the low light, out of focus and off color images. It was a sad day.

It still amazes me to this day that people can be satisfied with mediocre, not everyone because there are some people that still desire fantastic images.

So our industry was dying, the people filling it were clueless and I had an idea.

Instead of bucking the crowd maybe I could help it and so that is how WORKFLOW came to be.

WORKFLOW was created to help those that had none.

It’s a beginning to end, start to finish guide on how to shoot an event with less time because time is money and your families are waiting for you.

Our industry has changed but one thing that remains is we all need a WORKFLOW that runs smooth from beginning to end.

I created WORKFLOW fo the beginner as well as the seasoned pro, it’s what I did and still do when I shoot a portrait or event. It works.

Get your WORKFLOW today on Amazon HERE.

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