Over 50? You’re Not Dead Yet

When I was younger and looked at my parents one thought came to my mind: “I’ll never be THAT OLD”. To a young child 40 looks very old, and 50 has to look nearly dead. How wrong we are. When I hit 50 I felt pretty good and I did not feel at all how I thought my parents looked to me. Is 50 the new 30? I think it is. There’s a secret to being alive at 50 and it’s shared inside this book. There are also many suggestions on what to do with the new “50” and honestly writing the book was just as fun as living it.


We are living longer and stronger thanks to healthy choices and better living and in another decade 60 may be the new 30.


I just know I wanted to share the happiness I have found in my 50’s with you. It really is just a number and you can’t give up just because of a few world views. Stop being invisible and start living again, find and make new friends, travel and YES if you are alone learn to do things on your own, challenge yourself it will only make you stronger and better.


So your 50, or close to it, so what? There is so much more life left, let’s get to living it.


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