Lisa has always had a passion for writing authoring journal after journal, saturating them with her favorite quotes and ideas, useful information and interesting studies. She loved Graphic Design in High School and received her BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology graduating Cum Laude. Life has offered many challenges and opportunities which have allowed Lisa to travel the world doing the things she loves, discovering new and exciting places and engaging in her favorite pastime…people watching.  Now she is finally getting back to her writing and has publishing several books.

In addition to being an author, Lisa is also an award winning published photographer. Currently based in St. Louis, Missouri. Lisa’s love of photography started at the age of 8 when her father bought her a film camera, quickly picking up her own technique at creating beautiful images. Never leaving her camera far behind, her work drew the attention of her friends and family.  Her unique eye and natural talent to create special and one-of-a-kind images has allowed her to photograph everything from newborns to weddings and everything else in between. In addition to being the mother of three very accomplished children, Lisa has the privilege of being a full time corrections officer and continues to work on new projects, which you’ll be seeing in the very near future.