I Learned What You DON’T Say Can Hurt You Too!

I learned something valuable this past week. What you do not say is equally as important as what you do say.

When I was younger I was put into a situation of having to tell someone that another person they trusted had not protected their interests, it was difficult and I knew she was not going to believe me. What I was told after the fact was, the thing that mattered was not if I was believed or not but that I did the right thing, which I had done. In the end, the truth came out and I was correct in telling.

Sometimes when we don’t speak the truth, then the lies come to the surface as the truth.

No matter what a person may believe it’s important that the truth be spoken, if not then the things that are not the truth will appear as the truth.

Words are important as written about in the book Control Your Words.

However the words you do not speak can be equally as important.

When you don’t speak the truth you allow a mis-conception to rise and appear as truths. You can’t allow that to happen and whether or not you are believed you have to speak the truth, you have to speak the words.

By not speaking the words of truth (reality) you allow the mis-conception of truth (fiction) to happen.

It is not that the words that have risen to the top are bad, but they appear to be good even great because there is no truth to counter them.

There are various reasons to not speak the truth, fear is the biggest reason of all. If you are ruled by fear then fear wins. When you break through the barrier of fear, the chains fall off and you become free. Ever hear the words: “The truth shall set you free”? It’s so true, it’s a bible quote and very applicable.

This hangs on my wall to this day “ She spoke the truth and everything changed”.

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