How To Leave Your Legacy

Did you know that:

death is now becoming a part of our living experience?

As a photographer I was very aware of the century old trend of photographing the dead as if they were still alive, sometimes considered grotesque by our current culture. The reason behind these images was simply to remember the dead, as they were, one final image, one last capture to preserve in history.


It was a very popular thing to do and was considered honoring the dead, mixing the living with the dead some even a week after death. Death was not always looked at in such a controlled way as it is today.


Below is just one website that shows various portraits of such captures.


The Living Dead


I have had the opportunity to photograph a few funeral services and even a gathering of the living family members around the casket, it is not for everyone but it’s not as taboo as many think.


Death is an absolute mystery to us, we can guess, think and even listen to those that have seen “the white light” but in all reality, it’s very much a mystery what happens after our final breath. I believe it was meant to be that way, no matter how you believe, its one area that no one knows for sure. But one thing is for sure we will all die, today, tomorrow or years down the road, death is inevitable.


Moving forward from what I have been reading this is a common thing in Puerto Rico where the dead are sat up and positioned into situations they liked to do or family would like to see them in.


This young man was shot to death and was placed in a chair, sitting up with a blunt in his hands.


Funeral Home Displays Different Sort of Funeral Service


Want more? Here are 13 more examples of the dead living.


and in case you wanted MORE


We’ve come so far as to control our own death and deciding when it is time to go as this man did and attended his own wake. Personally I liked this idea being able to spend those last moments, say what you want to say, express what you want to and sharing is such an important part of life as we know it.


Taking Total Control of your Last Days


So it’s important for us the living as well as the dead to have things done the way we want them done, some were buried with cars or in cars. My father was buried with his dog, his step wife had the dog cremated and buried with him (I’ve thought on that a lot these past years)


Even though we have no idea what waits for us, it appears that some people want to take even more control over that final part of life here on this earth. It’s your final wishes, your will and your legacy.


How do you prepare your life that you leave?


What about digital wills (giving rights to your social media endeavors).


Making sure your desires are known.


What does your state say about the way you want to be buried.


Can your ashes be spread?


How do I write my will, can I do it for free?


Financially preparing your estate.


Charity wills.


Legacy giving.


When giving before you die is a better idea.


Where do I place my will?


Do I need more paperwork?


Do I need an attorney?


How do I direct my family to my important documents?


So many questions and this book has the answers:


Leaving a Legacy covers all these concerns and more in preparing you to prepare for one of the most important and most final times of your life.


How do you want to be remembered?


What charities will you support and how will your money be transferred?

Give the directions you want followed now and secure your paperwork. Then enjoy your life, the end of it has now been taken care of you can rest easy and know your Legacy will be the way you want it.

I’m sitting here on a long night and I’ve been listening to my favorite people and I’m seeing a constant theme that has been running through my own head the past few months

You’re going to die

That’s what Gary Vee told a girl who asked Gary to give her three words to encourage her. She looked shocked but he was right, we are all going to die, our life is not a given and our next breath may be our last.

Do something that is going to count

TD Jakes tells us “the clock is ticking”. “Don’t waste your time” and “What are you going to do with the time you have left”.

Gary V also mentions regret, most of us do not think about regret until we have to.


We regret having an affair

We regret stealing that item

We regret those words we spoke.


But what about the regret at the end of our lives, we can’t change it, we can’t go back and get a do-over, and it’s done. What we have regretted to say, to do or to complete, well. Time is up and over.

The bell rings it’s final sound.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my end and honestly I’m not ready to go. I’m not afraid to die; I’m just not ready. I have things I want to do and I’m just now at the age of 57 figuring out what they are.

See, when you are young 16-25 you rarely think about the end, you think about yourself, you are self focuses and you matter, generally around the end of that time you start to settle down, have children and this is what I call .. Life happening, from 25-50 your working that job, having those babies, working on the house, the car, getting a new house, a new car, vacations and the last thing you are thinking about is.. Regret. That last breath, shoot you don’t even have time to breath.

At 50 you start to look at the end, your friends start to die, your children grow up and enter that 25-50 crowd where they do not have time for you, they are focused on their family, their things and they have no regret. But you do.

Last year my stepfather made the choice to end his own life. He just told me he was done. I regret not thinking this out with him more, had he waited to stop treatment till I got there, had I been thinking more I’d have had him wait and he would not have had to die alone. It bothered me as I thought about it, how could he have chosen to just end his life, he was done, he was ready to go. I still do not have any clue to how that feels or why. He did, and he stopped all treatment and in a matter of 3 days we were carrying out his wishes.

I’m a believer in fate; I believe things happen for a reason, not only good things but also bad and when they happen you have a choice on how you are going to handle them.

I’m hearing all around me, not from just one person I respect, but two. Maybe there will be more, but honestly that is enough to put a fire under me. It’s time to move forward and get these things moving.

I’m 57, I’m not dead, in fact I’ve just started to live.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy, having a no regrets life and death then consider picking up this book on Leaving A Legacy

It will walk you through the stages of life and death, it will help you develop your own plan and carry out the plan of others.

It’s time to become prepared

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