How The Deception of a Bruised Apple Proved More Powerful then the Words

Last week I saw a few of you posting this article about a teacher teaching her children a lesson on the words they use.

I commented on a few of your posts, then I retracted them to make my point very clear here.

Before I wrote my book on words I already had an idea how powerful words were however, after studying and researching I was amazed at the power of words.

The work of Dr. Emoto is absolutely incredible and the experiment any of you can do at home will prove not only to yourself but to those you choose the POWER of words.

What bothered me the most is the deception this teacher used to “prove her point”. Why do you need to deceive when there is an actual experiment that could have been done to prove the power of words? What about learning about the works of Dr. Emoto? How about teaching something that will have a life long effect instead of an instant answer.

What happens when the kids catch on that they were deceived? Will they really have learned anything? Will they think not to trust another “experiment” because it could easily be another deception?

Honestly I was furious. A teachers job is to teach and to teach by deception teaches those around us that deception is okay. It is not okay and it is the farthest thing from logic there is.

I challenge Rosie Dutton of Relax Kids to step back and re-evaluate her method of “teaching” and actually do a real experiment with her kids. In the back of my book is a live experiment (with pictures) I did with rice that proves the power of words, she can easily do the same. I have friends who used apples as well and did not pre-bruise them to prove a point.

And in case you want to check out my book: here is the LINK

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