How To Leave Your Legacy

Did you know that: death is now becoming a part of our living experience? As a photographer I was very aware of the century old trend of photographing the dead as if they were still alive, sometimes considered grotesque by our current culture. The reason behind these images was simply to remember the dead, as they were, one final image,…

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Sinbad – It Was A Good Day

I have been honored to photograph many people and while photographing them I get to listen to them and there was nothing as moving as the honesty mixed with laughter and sincerity of Sinbad.  Was truly an honor and privilege. If you get a chance to listen to Sinbad speak, don’t hesitate!

Product / Commercial Photography

When a new item comes in the mail for me to photograph I love the opportunity.  It really brings out the creative edge.  I love to shoot a variety of images and give my client a flash drive full of choices for their website and product promotions. I love what I do and I love products sent to me and…

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Working with what you have around you

I love this shot, I did a few sessions for a local bridal store and the setting was a lovely and quant small town America main street and the stores that lines the street.  This store opened it’s door to us and allowed us to enter there store and for a few moments in time take over and make some…

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Sometimes An Image Captures

This is my grandson whom I am so proud of whom also is the subject of a lot of my images, these shots were actually set shots of a new home studio and with just a little bit of encouragement he put on the Fedora and gave me some poses, this is my favorite!

Bert Sugar, The Fedora and Cigar

There are times you get on a train, sit down and enter into a conversation with a man, a most amazing man who begins to tell you a story, about a candy bar jingle, being a lawyer and how boxing was his life now.  You have no idea who he is so he asks you to take a picture of…

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Regis Philbin

Connections to connections offered me the opportunity to photography Regis.  Regis was in town to do a spot and a book signing and I was asked to cover the event.  I was thrilled and Regis is a very live and interesting person.  He’s unique and leaves an quite an impression. It was a pleasure to meet him and his business…

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I started out photographing landscapes, then cemeteries, pets and then people. Weddings were my first step into professional service and as much as I love to share in the love and a beautify of a wedding, my wedding dates are few and far between. It has to be special and unique and desired, not just wanting a photographer. I love…

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A Childs Amazement

There are days you can take 100 or more pictures and then that one stands out from all the rest, it was the unplanned, unposed and simply realistic image you never thought of capturing and that one is what makes it an honor and a privilege to be a photographer. I love portraits, I love the challenge of a children’s…

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