Button Pushing

Bullies are everywhere: school, work, shopping, neighbors literally every where we go we can be subjected to button pushers and those who bully.

How do we stop it? Maybe we can’t so then what?

This book will give you tactics to rid of those thoughts in your mind and words in your soul put there by the subjectiveness of those who use words.  It also gives you a simple step program to help achieve freedom from the button pushers and to stop being a victim.

When present day circumstance tap into old experiences we experience and feel the way we did “then”. Then things seemed so much bigger and scarier and those emotions creep back up in us and we react the same way, problem is, this is now and that was then. How do we stop the transgression of emotions?


The book deals with all aspects of verbal and mental abuse including looking inward on how to stop letting it affect you. Because, honestly sometimes we can’t stop the bully from bullying but we can stop how we react to it.


I’m watching 13 Reasons Why, it’s about bullying and it’s done in an extremely unique way! Not for younger children but definitely a discussion worthy show with your young teens.


There is bullying at work, home, school and in relationships. How do we stop it? This book talks about all aspects of bullying as well as when it happens and how we react.


Bullying is a huge problem in our world today and it’s out of control. Some feel we should allow our children the pressure of being bullied ( I mean we have all been bullied at some point) Others feel wee need to complete stop it from happening. I believe now, more then ever because of the electronic era we live in bullying goes beyond what it used to and it spreads quicker and it digs deeper then before. Bullies have way more resources then ever to hound their victims and the victims never find a place of solace from the bully.


I do not believe we can stop it but we can teach ourselves and our children to how deflect, deter and defeat a bully nature.


To wear away at the patience of a person slowly, that’s what a happens.


As we see bullying is on the increase and so is the awareness of it, out of that awareness comes this book full of advice not only on how to deal with the bully/button pusher but how to conquer it and restore your past so you no longer react. This book heals!

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