Why Do We Allow People To Steal From Us?

How many times have you allowed yourself to be a victim?

Not you?


Every leave your purse on the front seat of the car while you run in to make a “fast” purchase?

What about the time you left your cell phone on the table next to you?

Or the time you left your purse in the shopping cart “just for one fast second” while you grabbed an item?

Left the car running while pumping fuel?

Left the house unlocked because the trip was going to be fast

There are so many more countess ways we have allowed ourselves to be a victim.

I don’t believe we create thieves but we sure to enable them.

Like this family who while at a hotel we were staying piled their stuff by the van and left, literally no one was around, no cameras in the parking deck and honestly I wanted to move their items just to prove a point.

Or the young man asking me to watch his: watch, phone, computer and wallet (yes he did) as he went to the restroom from a waiting room. He’s lucky I’m honest because not everyone in the room was that day I guarantee it.

I was told by a person on social media we should be allowed to keep our stuff wherever we want. I agree, we should but we can’t expect it to be there when we return, we just don’t live in “that” world anymore.

That world, was my world a long time ago. I would leave my house from sun up until the street lights came on, my parents would barely “page” me. I would travel to friends homes on my bike and then my car. I lived in a world were honestly prevailed mostly and I never had to think twice.

Today our world has flipped we live in a world were we constantly have to think and think ahead, we have to lock it down and secure it and even then it was not safe.

Our world is challenging but it does not mean we have to be victims, we can prepare and we can plan and we can beware, not worry or be scared.

That is where the book: Weak and Defenseless No More came into play. Directed at women it’s a refresher or a wake up call to what we did, do and can to protect ourselves. Although the book is directed at women and young girls it has plenty of applications that gentleman can use as well.

It’s a story and a guide. It’s an instructional guide to help you know what you can and should do, the mistakes we all make and how to correct them and with just a small amount of practice our lives just became a little bit more victimless and a whole lot more secure.

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