When More IS Enough, Let’s Downsize! Purging Your Home

Give me a good reason to purge my home, I’ll give you 10


Not only Americans but people in general have become hoarders or “things”. You know the “things” you can’t live without, that you have to have and that you pay for bring home and sit in a closet or shelf somewhere. We’ve all done it and most of us are still doing it. Why?


Collecting things has become a status of sorts as well as a comforting sort of therapy and again, Why?


I can tell you from personal experience and the story is in my book of how I loaded up a full size trailer with “stuff” from my home and gave it away. I also gave away a huge pile of items to a person who resales things to make a living.


I gave it all away and do you know what I received in return?


An amazing release and an incredible feeling of freedom and that is why I say, continually that less IS more.


Don’t believe me, ask anyone whose become a minimalist, the freedom from “things” is incredible.


I know a man, a very wealthy man who walked away from it all (not his job or his wealth) but his “things”, he took a backpack, his laptop and a pencil and moved into a modest apartment. He said it was refreshing and really allowed himself to mentally prepare for his next level in business and without “things” he had nothing to worry about but what was before him.


Steve Jobs as well as Mark Zuckerburg were the same clothing just about every day. Why? They don’t have to think about it, worry about or take the time to prepare it, they just put it on and go. Done and done. They save their brain for what’s important to them business (and family).


So how many “things” do you own? Do you think you could part with anything? I never in my life thought I’d give away a trailer of items and still have so much left. I do.


Let me share with you a story not in the book Purging. A couple years ago I had my house up for sale, and it sold. I packed up all my things and carted them off to one of the 500,000 storage units in the United States. The week following because of a fault on the title company the deal fell through and my house was again on the market. That was two years ago. I remove my house from the market, moved all my items in bins back to my house and to this day, they have been in my garage. To this day!


You would think that after 2 years I’d not need anything in those bins and you are probably correct however they just sit in the garage in the pretty colored plastic totes waiting for the next move.


I’d given away so much and I still have so much more. It’s like it accumulates. I could probably load up those bins take them to a resale shop and never even know what was missing.


My goal is to wait until I move, then sort through it all, sell what I can and give away the rest, now to just sell the house.


Right now look around you and see how much stuff you own, how much of it do you use and honestly would not someone benefit from the abundance of “things” you posses? Guess who else benefits more, you! The freedom you will feel from releasing yourself from things is really amazing.

I promised 10 reasons and here they are a select few reasons why we should purge our lives and homes.


  1. There are 300,000 plus items in the average home
  2. The American Home has tripled in size
  3. One out of every 10 Americans rent an offsite storage space
  4. Research has found that the average child has 238 toys but plays with only 12 of them
  5. The average American woman owns 30 outfits (I own more) compared to 9 in 1930
  6. We throw away 65 pounds of clothing a year
  7. Americans spend more money on shoe, jewelry and watches then on higher education
  8. Women spend more then 8 years of their life shopping
  9. Americans spend 1.2 TRILLION annually on nonessential goods
  10. There are over 500,000 storage units in the United States


An interesting list to say the least and really shows how “things” have really taken over our lives and why? Why have we increased in size, storage and things? I’m excited to get back to basics with less to worry about and honestly… less to leave behind. Most kids never want their parents stuff either way.

Help in Purging, How to and where to take all the “things” you get rid of can be found HERE


***Special thanks to: The Daily Mail, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Forbes, The Telegraph, SSA, New York Times Magazine, NPR and the LA Times


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