I started out photographing landscapes, then cemeteries, pets and then people. Weddings were my first step into professional service and as much as I love to share in the love and a beautify of a wedding, my wedding dates are few and far between. It has to be special and unique and desired, not just wanting a photographer. I love…

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A Childs Amazement

There are days you can take 100 or more pictures and then that one stands out from all the rest, it was the unplanned, unposed and simply realistic image you never thought of capturing and that one is what makes it an honor and a privilege to be a photographer. I love portraits, I love the challenge of a children’s…

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Capturing Love

It has to be there first and when it is there you can feel the emotion through an image captured by a professional. Anyone can take a picture and almost everyone can take pretty pictures but only a true photographer can capture emotion. Emotion has to be that right moment, that certain touch that amazing look or slight glance. Emotion…

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Mark A Cross – Mayor of Troy Missouri

It was not long after I moved to Troy Missouri I had the distinct pleasure to photography the mayor and his wife. Such an amazing and inspiring couple. The mayor uses a few of my images on his website and correspondence. Here is the link to Mayor Cross Page: CLICK HERE

Jaco Brands

Jaco Brand was looking for some new images for their leather line and I was commissioned to take a few shots, this was perhaps my most favorite, Jaco Brand did not pick it for the line as wanting to keep a more family tone for their company. I however have loved the image and want to share it with you.