“13 Reasons Why” Got Me Thinking…

For me I need to be moved to write, to get my thought process going.

13 Reasons Why really did that, if you’ve not heard of the series please check it out and please be wise with whom you view it with, it’s NOT for small children, but young adults I think it’s a reality for a lot of our young people and whose to say who this will reach!

Our world is moving faster then any of us can catch up and most of us are playing things over and over in our minds, our world has enlarged greatly since I was a young girl riding my bike from sunrise to “better be in this yard when the street lights come on” days.   I wore a page in those days and I was seriously gone all day long.  My parents cared about my world, their world and honestly that was it.  Their focus was centered.

Today our focus is scattered, it’s in Israel, Russia, the major city down the street, the Presidents next move, Facebook, taking another Snap and on we go, and where is our focus?  We miss so much that is going on right around us because we are glued to the next conversation on our phone.  We are ignorant to those around us and we have no clue, in fact, we defend our actions, and I wonder why?

Where is our center?  Is it just within us or is it our families?  Where is your center?  What grounds you or are you always looking for more satisfaction?  Increasing that circle?

Being world knowledgable is a good thing but when it takes your focus off your center, that’s a problem.

So tonight I’m thinking about my center, my focus and what’s important to me and who I am important to, am I ungrateful?  I hope not.

Next time you are out, take your nose out of your phone and look around you, are people centered or are they scattered?  Are they here and there at the same time?  It’s difficult to scatter yourself, you loose focus, you offend, you miss out on the life that is happening right around you.

Try this, put your phone down, no computer, no phone no iPad, no connection and sit there, by yourself or in the presence of others, this is a self test.

Okay are you disconnected?  How do you feel?  Did your phone ding, buzz or ring?  How do you feel?

Anxious?  Anxiety?  Getting nervous?  What about the conversation going on around you, did you miss it worrying about that email or text?

if so, my friend you have a problem, what happens next is up to you.

Acknowledgement goes a long way..  the next steps well, those are up to you how centered do you want to be?

Be in the present nothing is more important then what is going on around you right now, the rest, can wait, it really can just wait.

We don’t need to have immediate responses or answers, we can say we are busy in the present and will respond later, we can say, I’m busy being with family or friends and get back to people, stop being a slave to a noise that catches your attention and pulls you away from the focus of your center.

I’d like to know if you tried the little experiment and how did it go?  Leave me a comment.

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