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My Love of Life

The one thing that is fun about living this life is living it. I have been so honored to have had the best life ever. I have the love and support of my children, I have seen and experienced incredible things.

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Who Am I?

entrepreneur, author, mother, friend, woman, photographer, student, runner, lover, grandmother, advocate, investor, tea lover, rock collector

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The Words... books by Lisa

I've been writing for years and thanks to Amazon I'm now a published author.

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Button Pushing -image

Button Pushing

Before you know it your angry, hurt or upset. Someone has not only found but pushed your button. This book helps guide you to stop the reactions.

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Change Your Wor(l)d

No matter what language we speak our words have power and meaning. My book was written because there is such a need in our world for positive and encouraging words. I see children every day scorned by their parents and tossed to the side because life has gotten in the way.

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Kissed a Frog?  Now What?-image

Kissed a Frog? Now What?

Ever kiss a frog and then he became.. a frog? This is a fun book looking at dating and the many men we have dated.

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There's A Story There-image

There's A Story There

Everyone has a story, even you. This book will show you how to capture yours and safe it for all generations to read.

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Photography Workflow-image

Photography Workflow

Time is money and if you don't have a workflow you are loosing money. This book will show you the shortcuts we use, that you can use as well.

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Less is the new more. It's time to purge and get rid of all that "stuff" and in doing that you make others happy as well as yourself.

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Weak Defenseless Women -image

Weak Defenseless Women

NO MORE! Women tend to be trusting, but we need to stop and think and change what we do and stop being victims!

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My Love of Tea-image

My Love of Tea

I fell into my love of tea many years ago sitting at my grandmothers plastic covered table. Since then I've grown that love into a passion and a business.

  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover-image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover-image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover-image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover-image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover-image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover-image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover-image

Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Tea Lover

As a multipotentialite, I want to welcome you to my world!

A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. Being a multipotentialite is my destiny

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Bert Sugar

Bert Sugar

I met Bert Sugar in New York City, on a train. We were both headed home after a long night.

We talked a long way, he asked if I knew who he was, then said here, take my picture: Fedora, cigar and signature look. Then said look me up, I'm Bert Sugar.

I’m still in awe of this amazing man and our short time together sharing life stories.

Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin

Being the photographer to the Financial Coach I have been allowed the privilege to photograph many famous people, one of them that stands out is Regis Philbin. He was doing a book signing and speaking with a local newscaster on stage. Regis is a funny man, but a very serious person in real life. Being allowed to be "that" close to him and sharing the day with him was an incredible experience. LB

Jonathen Clements-image

Jonathen Clements

Author of: “The Little Book of Main Street Money” Great read, and from me, you know that’s the truth.

Jonathen was the main speaker of an event I was commissioned to cover, what a privilege.



Sinbad has had an incredible life and he easily shares his ups and downs. I was honored to photograph him when he shared his life story at Church on the Rock in St. Peters Missouri.

How The Deception of a Bruised Apple Proved More Powerful then the Words

Last week I saw a few of you posting this article about a teacher teaching her children a lesson on the words they use.

I commented on a few of your posts, then I retracted them to make my point very clear here.

Before I wrote my book on words I already had an idea how powerful words were however, after studying and researching I was amazed at the power of words.

The work of Dr. Emoto is absolutely incredible and the experiment any of you can do at home will prove not only to yourself but to those you choose the POWER of words.

What bothered me the most is the deception this teacher used to “prove her point”. Why do you need to deceive when there is an actual experiment that could have been done to prove the power of words? What about learning about the works of Dr. Emoto? How about teaching something that will have a life long effect instead of an instant answer.

What happens when the kids catch on that they were deceived? Will they really have learned anything? Will they think not to trust another “experiment” because it could easily be another deception?

Honestly I was furious. A teachers job is to teach and to teach by deception teaches those around us that deception is okay. It is not okay and it is the farthest thing from logic there is.

I challenge Rosie Dutton of Relax Kids to step back and re-evaluate her method of “teaching” and actually do a real experiment with her kids. In the back of my book is a live experiment (with pictures) I did with rice that proves the power of words, she can easily do the same. I have friends who used apples as well and did not pre-bruise them to prove a point.

And in case you want to check out my book: here is the LINK


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I started out photographing landscapes, then cemeteries, pets and then people.

Weddings were my first step into professional service and as much as I love to share in the love and a beautify of a wedding, my wedding dates are few and far between. It has to be special and unique and desired, not just wanting a photographer.

I love people and capturing portraits are my passion. that one moment, that one look.

A photographer who captured J-Lo’s wedding is a celebrity photographer and he talks about that one image he captures that J–Lo’s mother said, now that’s my daughter. J-Lo was standing in her wedding gown, her head was down and the photographer called out ‘Jennifer”, she looked up and the image was captured. He captured the true essence of the bride. THAT is what photography is all about.


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That Image

There are days you can take 100 or more pictures and then that one stands out from all the rest, it was the unplanned, unposed and simply realistic image you never thought of capturing and that one is what makes it an honor and a privilege to be a photographer.

I love portraits, I love the challenge of a children’s session as well, when you walk away with that one amazing picture to me it’s worth it. Of course there are many good images but that one that makes you think, that’s the one worth all the effort.


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Capturing Love

It has to be there first and when it is there you can feel the emotion through an image captured by a professional. Anyone can take a picture and almost everyone can take pretty pictures but only a true photographer can capture emotion. Emotion has to be that right moment, that certain touch that amazing look or slight glance.

Emotion is what everyone wants to see in their images and that is exactly what we go after!

The couple in my featured image were a slight bit uncomfortable in front of a camera however it took us a very short time for them to relax and enjoy the day as each other. No plastic cheesy images, just true raw emotion and LOVE


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Mark A Cross – Mayor of Troy Missouri

It was not long after I moved to Troy Missouri I had the distinct pleasure to photography the mayor and his wife. Such an amazing and inspiring couple. The mayor uses a few of my images on his website and correspondence.

Here is the link to Mayor Cross Page: CLICK HERE


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Jaco Brands

Jaco Brand was looking for some new images for their leather line and I was commissioned to take a few shots, this was perhaps my most favorite, Jaco Brand did not pick it for the line as wanting to keep a more family tone for their company. I however have loved the image and want to share it with you.


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Writing books that help you. Self help books are my niche. Helping people find there's in my mission. (that rhymes)


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Speaking Engagements

Bring the positive, encouraging, helpful and healthy message to your group.

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$125.00 - Real Estate (showcase, selling home) 60+ digital images included.

$100.00 - Commercial Products includes digital images (this is not on site shooting)

That Which Inspires

That Which Inspires


Ivanka Trump
Gary Vaynerchuck
TD Jakes
Neil Patel

My Loves

My Loves

My children and grandchild.

I'm an avid tea drinker.

I love my Toms I have several pairs.

Whole Foods

Estate Sales

Favorite song: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Favorite move: City of Angels

And if that was not enough

And if that was not enough

By the age of 12 I had read all of Edgar Allen Poe’s works.

By 17 I had read the King James Bible at least twice

I have read the Torah and the Koran