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Who Ami I?

entrepreneur, author, mother, friend, woman, photographer, student, runner, lover, grandmother,



The one thing that is fun about living this life is living it. I have been so honored to have had the best life ever. I have the love and support of my children, I have seen and experienced incredible things.

The Words... books by Lisa-image

The Words... books by Lisa

I've been writing for years and thanks to Amazon I'm now a published author.

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  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Philanthropist -image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Philanthropist -image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Philanthropist -image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Philanthropist -image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Philanthropist -image
  • Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Philanthropist -image

Lisa Nikole: Author, Photographer, Philanthropist

A professional photographer has standards. Our studio is as far as your eye can see and as deep as you want to venture. I believe studio photography leaves an unrelaxed and stiff image. I shoot on location so you can be free to express yourself and my job is to capture that image!

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I wanted something unique here and that would have to be my services, they are as unique as you are. Shoot me an email and tell me what you want and let's get this memory completed!


Say Something.. nice...

Gourmet Pepperoni Rolls

I had the distinct honor to do some commercial photography work for Gourmet Pepperoni Rolls. What a great product from a new Entrepreneur.

I also had the pleasure to sample both her Turkey Pepperoni and a test sample of a spinach as well. I loved them. I loved them so much I’ll let you in on her website and don’t hesitate to tell her I sent you. You won’t regret it.

Gourmet Pepperoni Rolls


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Pat and Trish

Pat and Trish are a mother daughter team and more then that they are best friends. We had a wonderful shoot and dinner afterwards. We wish them the very best at their new endeavor and can’t wait to be part of their growth! lb


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The Benson’s

For the third year in a row I have had the pleasure of shooting this lovely family! I am so excited to see them again and see how their family has grown. This family has always brought a smile to my face. They are a true example of respect, love and family. Each year we get to see them grow, it’s such an honor!


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Model Portfolio

Model Portfolio

energetic, fun, great smile, softball, college, dedicated, hard working, loving, kind, soft spoken, smart, incredible beauty.


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Always has to be Rocks!

I collect rocks, I’ve always been very interested in geology.

There is a scripture in the bible that talks about stones and it speaks about the fact that if the people are silent, then the stones will cry out. That has always stood to be a powerful reference towards stones. Rocks will cry out. What will that sound like?

My favorite rock is a diamond… JOKING, really it’s not. But isn’t that what you would expect a single girl to say? Nothing wrong with a diamond, they are spectacular, overrated.

Geodes are the most amazing of stone not only because of how they are created, but the story that is intwined with them.

Geodes are an ugly stone, really ugly on the outside, but then you open them up and they are incredible, amazing and beautiful.

Much like people, people can be ugly on the outside, now hear me on this.. not physcially ugly, but they portray ugly. You can’t judge a person on what you see on the outside, but what is on the inside is what really matters.

You can reverse this as well, a pretty person, a nice smile but inside it’s just rotten and gross.

Geodes speak a lot to me, they teach me not to judge what I see but what I experience.

My second favorite stone/rock Fools gold: not everything that appears to be is. :-)

Live Life Love, Lisa


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The Showcase – Real Estate

Being a Real Estate Photographer means getting clients to the door. Getting clients to the door means showing incredible yet accurate images of homes you offer. Windows you can see through not blown out. No glare on the picture frames. Proper settings and accurate angles for each room. Wide views. No shadows or glare from lights or lighting. Dark rooms made bright with bounce flash. There is so much to know and that is why not just anyone can take a picture to sell your home.


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I want your…. Feedback!

Had to make a short little video (click on the picture for video to start) for this. It was fun and besides that... if you can't laugh at yourself.. who can you laugh at? Enjoy and yes.. I want feedback!


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That’s what she said “Quote”

Sometimes a quote will pass by your life, other times it will become your life.

“She knew that if she spoke the TRUTH then the facts would change.”

Speak the truth, even if it hurts!


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Lisa’s Books – written for you to enjoy

Where do we find your books, Lisa?

I hear this often so I have to make sure people can find me and my books

Lisa Nikole Books

I only sell on Amazon through Kindle. They have been very good to me through the years so I feel I should not look


Enjoy my booklist and if I can do anything for you, just let me know!

Lisa B


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Another world!

Often I’ll share with you quotes and things that inspire me. My world is deep.

I’ve been so honored to live this fantastic life It’s far from being done. The older I get the more amazed at the life I have lived.

I’ve traveled beyond the oceans. I’ve met incredibly amazing famous people and equally as amazing are the people whose names you will never know.

As time passes I’ve become more and more aware of the importance of photography. Not to just cover important events or famous people but, to stop time for just an instant and preserve it for ever! When you view one of my images it creates an emotion. It’s supposed to. It should bring back a memory and stop time in it’s place.

When I cover a person’s product or homes that are for sell it’s the same thing. I just don’t want to take a “pretty picture” I want my images to say more then look what I sell, buy me. I spend time getting an idea of what you want, who you are and what you are selling. I create and capture an image. Images you will love.

So, with this my first post in a new world and a sort of a breaking away from cliques and cults. This is a new look and hopefully you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have.

Be well

Live, Life, Love



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It's important to know what your session is going to cost. Please scroll below to a detailed view. Questions, please ask. Special circumstances, let us know we can help.



You've created an incredible product now you need an image to show the world. We don't just take a pretty picture, we get to know you and your product and photograph it with that in mind.



Families, Head Shots, Graduates, Children and more. We appreciate you trusting us with your treasures and memories

Real Estate-image

Real Estate

You have a house to sell and we know how to get them to the door. The rest is up to you!

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Bridal Portraits

A new twist on an old theme. Before or after your big day. No pressure, no rush, relaxed and exactly what you want. Exquisite Bridal Images.

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Express Email

Lisa Nikole

E-Mail: lisa@lisanikole.com

What's it going to cost?

Photo Productions/Sessions and Shoots

$50.00 - 1/2 hour session used for Headshots / Business includes 4 digital images.
$85.00 - 1 hour session used for Family / Graduate / Boudoir includes 7 digital images.

$100.00 - Real Estate Showcasing and Selling your home includes 60+ digital images
$75.00 - Commercial Products includes digital images

$3,500.00 Basic Wedding includes all color and white balanced images
add $500.00 for enhanced images

$150.00 Specialized time with just the bride and groom includes 10 enhanced specially processed images.